Psychology’s war on men

Flat White Rob Tiller Rob Tiller 13 September 2019 5:00 AM American pharmaceutical companies aren’t allowed to advertise on Australian TV unless you’re talking over-the-counter cold tablets or pain killers. Which means you never hear “side effects may include involuntary paralysis” between episodes of Shark Week down under. A dose of the potential paralytic might’ve […]

Let us now praise masculine men

Janet AlbrechtsenFollow @jkalbrechtsen Colleagues Lee Cuthbert, Paul O’Shaughnessy and Alex Roberts, who captured Mert Ney. Picture: Jane Dempster 12:00AM August 17, 2019 415 Comments On Tuesday afternoon a handful of men ran into the face of danger. Going about their business only seconds before, they confronted a man brandishing a bloody knife, pinning him down […]