Whistleblower Magazine on Sexual Accusations – Stephen Baskerville

Stephen Baskerville has announced the publication of his new book, The New Politics of Sex, and let’s us know that a chapter of his book has been published in the January issue of Whistleblower magazine. I have ordered both the article from the publisher and the book from Amazon. I’m looking forward to reading the […]

Jordan Peterson interview fallout: It’s little wonder men don’t know where they stand

Caroline Overington, The Australian

INQUIRER Jordan Peterson faces BBC interviewer Cathy Newman. The Australian 12:00AM January 27, 2018 CAROLINE OVERINGTON Associate Editor Sydney @overingtonc Possibly you have never heard of Jordan B. Peterson, but don’t worry, soon you will. He has written a book and he is coming to Australia in March to promote it, and if you’re missing […]