Call for participants for international research in male victims of coercive control

Our friends at the website have circulated this email from the University of Central Lancashire. Their researchers are looking for participants from Australia and other parts, who have experienced Coercive Control i.e. abusive behaviour that covers emotional, psychological, physical, financial and sexual abuse by their partner or ex-partner. Please consider participating in this important […]

Where courage is condemned – Ben Roberts-Smith VC

Sentry One Pty Ltd 10 June  ·  THE NATIONAL TREATMENT OF BEN ROBERTS-SMITH VC MG IS A DISGRACE, AND REFLECTS A GROWING NATIONAL ATTACK OF HEROISM – Dr Daniel J Mealey, Bach Biomed Sci, MBBS (Melb) ACEM (Cert) Afghanistan Veteran The Marxist agenda demands constant conflict. Man against woman, Loser against winner. Haves against have nots. Bourgeoisie […]