Minnesota Judge has 200 Blunt Words for Divorcing Parents!

Thanks to Gary for finding these words of wisdom.

Lifting Blanket Restrictions

Professor Richard Warshak

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/richard-warshak/lifting-blanket-co-parenting_b_5265072.html                      Print Article                                                                   Big changes are afoot Down Under. And these presage changes in the U.S. and Europe as well. For the past few years, a research report issued by the office of the Australian Attorney General, with statements of its lead author, has exerted a disproportionate impact on […]

McIntosh: Cat on a hot tin roof ?

By Robert Whiston - Kids First - Children's Rights Activists (CRA) - on a hot tin roof ?’ http://sharedparenting.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/42/

  Like a cornered cat, researcher Dr. Jennifer McIntosh now has nothing to lose. Backed into a corner over the validity of her “academic” claims about child custody she is running for cover. But in this fight for her honour is it already too late ?  Is her reputation, at best, already on ‘life support’ […]

Warshak Paper May Influence Child Custody Decisions in Australia

Robert Franklin Esq. National Parents Organization Parents@NationalParentsOrganization.org

The last redoubt of the anti-father crowd is being breached. Read about it here (Sydney Morning Herald, 4/28/14). For decades, the data on children’s need for fathers have been building up. Over 20 years ago, prominent family sociologist David Popenoe was able to say that some 30 years of social science information demonstrated that children […]

Movement on fathers’ overnight access

Bettina Arndt, published in The Age, Melbourne

                Barriers constraining divorced fathers having their young children stay with them overnight may be lifted, with key family law organisations revising policies blocking overnight care of infants and toddlers.   The rethink follows the publication of an academic paper endorsed by 110 leading international experts challenging the policies. The paper is highly critical of […]

Empty days, lonely nights

Bettina Arndt

http://www.theage.com.au/national/empty-days-lonely-nights-20140428-37e3e.html  A belief that children under three should not stay overnight with their separated or divorced father has underpinned our family law system for years. Has it all been a mistake?  Bettina Arndt reports. Across Australia, fathers are being told in mediation sessions or by lawyers that there’s no hope of overnight contact with children […]

The Case For Shared Parenting

Georgialee Lang, Life, Canada

http://o.canada.com/life/the-case-for-shared-parenting/ There is a groundswell of activity and energy swirling throughout North America as lawmakers take a closer look at shared parenting, and Canada is at the forefront. Despite the best efforts of dinosaur lawyers and jaded feminists to disparage a better model for parenting, shared parenting, also known as joint physical custody, is a […]

Fewer sparks in shared-care relationships

Ben Schneiders, Senior Writer for The Age

http://www.smh.com.au/national/fewer-sparks-in-sharedcare-relationships-20130916-2tv52.html Shared care of children has nearly doubled in the past decade. Photo: Virginia Star Separated parents who share the care of their children appear to be managing it far more amicably, with a marked decline in conflict between former partners and more people reporting friendly or co-operative relationships. Research by academics at the Australian […]


GAIL ROSENBLUM, Star Tribune (USA - Minnesota)

  It’s not all wrapped up yet, but a big gift is arriving for divorced dads who want equal time with their kids. Launched in early May and already claiming a broad spectrum of members across the United States and Canada, a new advocacy group is determined to finally make equally shared parenting a reality. […]

Fair play for divorced dads

Barbara Kay, National Post, Canada

http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2013/04/03/barbara-kay-fair-play-for-divorced-dads/ Time spent with fathers is highly correlated with positive outcomes for children of broken marriages. Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin has commissioned a report aimed at overhauling Canada’s family-law system. Its recommendations, which will be officially released later this month, reportedly include strategies for streamlining the legal process, encouraging mediation and reducing litigation. […]