Domestic violence victims are men too, says Bettina Arndt | Tom Elliott on 3AW

Radio interview with Tom Elliot on 3AW Read this article from the Australian, 14 November 2015 Bettina Arndt – Men are victims of DV too!

Parents forcefully blocked from seeing kids could be abuse

Emily Smith, Daily Mercury STOPPING parents from seeing their children could fall under the definition of child abuse if George Christensen gets his way.  The Federal Member for Dawson said he would lobby with Victorian independent Senator John Madigan to have the definition of child abuse widened to include parental alienation.  Mr. Christensen said the current system for […]

In His Own Words: Former Male Feminist Abused by his Borderline Personality Disordered Wife

Dr Tara J. Palmatier It’s day 11 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In today’s In His Own Words, “David” tells how is childhood programming and his mother’s behavior groomed him into relationships with abusive women and feminism. First, I want to say that I was under the illusion for a long time that I was a strong, very […]

Dr Warren Farrell – Brisbane Convention Centre Friday 25 October 2013 7pm – 8.30pm

The world-wide boys’ crisis – why it is happening. . . and what can be done about it!Your invitation to a special evening with academic and top-selling authorDr WARREN FARRELL, USA  A rare opportunity to hear one of the  world ’s leading experts on what is happening globally with our young men –  and a look […]


GAIL ROSENBLUM, Star Tribune (USA - Minnesota)

  It’s not all wrapped up yet, but a big gift is arriving for divorced dads who want equal time with their kids. Launched in early May and already claiming a broad spectrum of members across the United States and Canada, a new advocacy group is determined to finally make equally shared parenting a reality. […]

Every 2nd Weekend

Avoca Beach Picture Theatre Coasties 2012 WinneEvery 2nd Weekend Every father who is separated from his children understands the meaning of the term “Every 2nd Weekend”. The ‘every 2nd weekend’ template was the standard contact a newly separated father could expect to have with his children. The devastation in firstly, losing one’s wife/partner and then to […]

Unlike those vile trolls, Catherine Deveny and Mungo MacCallum are a picture of civility

The Australian

Italian father seeks return of 4 daughters under the Hague Convention

Lauren Wilson and Chris Merritt, The Australian

Australian High Court rules no role for kids in custody rows. The High Court has dismissed an appeal that could have given children a greater and more direct say on custody arrangements in legal brawls between parents.  Family law experts yesterday welcomed the decision of the bench to throw out an appeal brought on behalf […]

Court rules “fun” dad should have access cut A FATHER accused of having all the fun with his daughter while his former partner dealt with the “drudgery and hard work” has lost half his contact visits. The dad was also accused of failing to acknowledge the six-year-old girl was suffering from separation anxiety after spending every weekend of the school year with […]

References Examining Assaults by Women on Their Spouses or Male partners

An Annotated Bibliography © 1997, 1998 by Martin S. Fiebert, Department of Psychology, California State University

SUMMARY: This bibliography examines 95 scholarly investigations, 79 empirical studies and 16 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 60,000.