UPDATE: a milestone has been reached – we’re halfway with the fundraising $2510. 
 We now have fund raising on three different platforms, GoFundme; GoGetfunding and Facebook under the heading “Parental Alienation Case – Dad needs funds”.
(I changed the title but couldn’t change the url for some reason, but it will take you through to the site)
Please send out the message about this crucial fundraising effort so we can establish a strong precedent against parental alienation and the incompetence of the Family Report Writers and ICLs.
Thank you for all your efforts and contributions so far
But we still need another $2500 ASAP.
Kind regards
Sue Price
Men’s Rights Agency
Mob: 0409 269 621
The creation of Men’s Rights Agency 26 years ago was always intended to be service where men/fathers could share information, help each through the circumstances of family separation, child support harassment, domestic violence experience as a victim or one falsely accused and the numerous other instances of discrimination and bias experienced by men in general.
Today, we’ve reached a milestone that I cannot solve by myself and I am going to, for the first time, ask if you can contribute the money for one of our fathers to pay for a barrister to represent him at an upcoming 3 day trial in the Federal Circuit Court.

He is well known to you and prolific in the help he has offered to many of you. (I’m sorry but, due to legal requirements we cannot provide a name at this stage.) He has been battling  for 5 or 6 years to maintain a relationship with his almost teenage child who is in the process of being alienated by the mother and her new partner. The mother also has a formidable team of court appointed experts who appear to have some difficulty in determining the true facts of the situation. Many of you would have experienced the same problems with Independent Children’s Lawyers and family report writers.
We have managed through our contacts to arrange a solicitor who has fully committed to see this through on a pro bono basis, but we now need a barrister. The solicitor believes we can engage a knowledgeable, skilled barrister for the very much reduced sum of $2000 for pretrial work and $1000 per day for the three days, a total of $5000, which is far less than the usual amount barristers charge – upwards of $4000 per day.
So if any of you have received a generous inheritance or won Tattslotto in the last few months or if any of you can spare a few dollars to help then we have a good chance of setting a new precedent in family law to ensure a greater level of competency is available to families in need and restore a child’s contact to the love and care of her father.
Donations to this important case can be made using our special Men’s Rights Agency account with the Bendigo Bank BSB 633108 Account number: 1235 16551
Please supply your name in the reference section, and send me an email, so we can offer our very grateful thanks for your support. Of course, anonymous donations are very welcome.
If anyone would like further information please call me on 0409 269 621
Kind regards
Sue Price
Men’s Rights Agency