On occasions, we have fathers who do not have the funds available to employ a solicitor and/or a barrister, but their claims would appear to be genuine.
Their love for their children and their concern for their safety once they have been removed from the home or prevented from having free access to their children is obvious when one really listens to the distress they are experiencing.
We are interested in talking to any legal professional who may be able to offer some assistance on a pro bono basis. If you are willing to provide support, our relationship with you could develop into a rewarding relationship as we further expand our services.
Men’s Rights Agency has been in operation as a non-profit organisation  for 26 years offering legal advice services and  counselling across all areas of family law, domestic violence, child support, criminal charges and false allegations.
If you believe, as we do, that men need good representation to ensure a fairer outcome, please consider joining us.
At the moment, we  have an interesting case where a father is trying to maintain shared parenting time with his child despite the objections of the mother and her support team.
A solicitor  has kindly offered his services on a pro bono basis and we now need a barrister. The matter is set down for a  three day hearing in September in Brisbane.
Please contact Sue Price if you are interested in representing for this case or if you wish to list your name for future situations.
Sue Price 0409 269 621