From: Bettina Arndt
Sent: Monday, 26 November 2018 8:27 PM
Subject: Feminist Lies about
Hi Everyone, There’s an interesting story behind this week’s video.
Last year I was approached by a Perth Film company, asking me to take part in a documentary being made for SBS on sexism. I wasn’t keen because I know all too well how easy it is for filmmakers to do a long interview which they then chop up to make you look like a dodo. I couldn’t imagine anyone at SBS would do me any favours. But the Perth company, Joined UP, assured me they planned to do a balance programme and they pressured me to take part to comment on survey results showing most Australians have real concerns about the way sexism is normally portrayed.
Those statistics were very revealing. Only 19 per cent of Australians identify as feminist. Almost half the population (45 per cent) feel feminism has gone too far. By far the majority, (76 per cent) feel men suffer from sexism too. I did the interview and persuaded others to get involved to comment on this majority view. But then SBS released their teaser for the programme – Is Australia Sexist – showing they had ditched anything that challenges the feminist narrative and simply were promoting the usual male-bashing dogma we have come to expect from our public broadcasters.
I wrote about this for The Australian this week and SBS told an Oz news reporter that “they couldn’t cover every angle of complex issues surrounding sexism,” and admitted they weren’t including the statistics in question. Instead, in the promo for the programme which goes to air December 4, we are promised shocking findings about our sexist country showing how hard life it is for women dealing with the wage gap, the constant underlying threat of rape. We see little girls being taught that boys always get paid more, women afraid to walk down public streets. The compere ends up in tears at the thought of her children facing such ordeals.
I thought it was a very telling example of the grip of feminism on our key institutions and lengths these activists are prepared to go to promote their ideology. Here’s the video – please help me circulate it:
And for the all the people who keep asking me how they can help in my various campaigns, I have a job for you. The Sydney Morning Herald last week revealed that my recent activities had derailed the feminist goal of a Federal Government taskforce aimed at bullying universities into doing more about sexual assault and harassment on campuses.
“We were so close”, wailed the SMH headline which blamed me for the set-back in the feminists’ plans. The journalist claimed Education Minister Dan Tehan postponed making a decision about their taskforce, instead prioritising an inquiry into freedom of speech at universities, triggered by the violent protest against me at Sydney University.
News of the proposed task force is extremely worrying because it shows the government is under great pressure to force universities into further action on the manufactured rape crisis. The ultimate goal of this taskforce will be to persuade universities to get involved in adjudicating date rape cases – as has happened in the US with disastrous consequences for many young men and for the universities. In case you missed it, I recently wrote an article for the online journal Quillette, explaining what is likely to happen if the feminists get their way.
The trouble is that governments and education authorities only ever hear from the feminist extremists and rarely from sensible people warning of the risks to universities if they head further down this path. We must all get active and persuade Education Minister Tehan to permanently shelve this idea. Email him or lobby your own MP and warn others about what’s going on here. We need to protect young male students from this madness.
Finally, some talks coming up this week. Firstly at the Sydney Institute next Monday, December 3. Then on Wednesday, December 5 there’s my talk in Parliament House, which was originally planned for August in the week  where we ended up changing Prime Minister. It turned out to be a very good idea to postpone the event at that time since the whole place was chaos. Hopefully the re-scheduled event will proceed as planned and I am delighted to discover various government ministers are keen to talk to me about my campus tour. So it all seems promising at this stage. Unfortunately this event is only open to people who work in Parliament House.
That’s it for now. Cheers, Tina