From: Bettina Arndt
Sent: Thursday, 6 December 2018 10:10 AM
Subject: Mums love #MenToo… feminists not so much.

Hi Everybody,
What a great start to promotion of my new book, #MenToo.  My interview on Tuesday with Channel 7’s Sunrise breakfast programme was a real surprise with two women interviewing me who were very sympathetic to my argument that most people feel feminism has gone off the rails. They agreed that many mothers are worried about their sons in this male-bashing society.
Here’s our video showing that interview:
And take a look at the comments on the programme’s Facebook page: .
There’s been a hugely positive response, particularly from women which has been very exciting. It would be great if you could help support me in the comments section because the feminists are now on the attack, publishing articles criticising the Sunrise women for being too supportive to me. I am delighted to see so many men and women joining in the debate with sensible comments to counter some of the feminist arguments.
And the best thing of all…take a look at this photo of our former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. I’m pretty sure it is a fake but I love it!
So all that is going well but I am most disappointed that the publisher won’t have copies in the stores until next week at the earliest and there will be limited copies available before Xmas. It will help if you get your local bookshop or newsagent to put in an order. I’m just hoping the publisher’s pre-orders will get out in time. I’m so sorry if this doesn’t happen. I am tearing my hair out over this.

Anyway, I am writing this email from Canberra after two hectic days which included my talk in Parliament house, kindly hosted by Senator David Leyonhjelm. As this is the last week of parliament before the summer break, it is a hectic period and my talk coincided with all sorts of events, including a sudden press conference by the Prime Minister. I was amused to discover another of the competing events was the renaming of part of the building to honour some of the early female parliamentarians. The virtue-signalling competition is never-ending!

So my speech attracted a small audience but the very busy Senator Amanda Stoker made time to attend – which was very nice of her. I’ll put up a small video of some of the Q&A on my Facebook page later. But I had a very interesting meeting with Education Minister Dan Tehan – you will hear more about the consequences of that later. Big plans ahead. And also a surprise invitation to meeting with Minister for Women, Kelly O’Dwyer, who seemed very receptive to hearing more about what I have been doing.

Apart from that, I spoke to the Sydney Institute and am gearing up for all sorts of other book publicity. Boy, will it be nice to veg out over the Christmas break.

All the best, Tina