Truth and commonsense from
Mark Latham
28 March 2021
The media love to generalise and the media loves to misrepresent.
In particular, the bias of the ABC on the ‘gender wars’ in Canberra has been extraordinary. At the last Federal election, the ABC ran a deeply biased campaign in favour of Labor and the Greens. They failed.
On issues of tax and climate policy, Scott Morrison won the unwinnable election. Bill Shorten and Kristina Keneally were humiliated (again).
Having failed on that front, the ABC has doubled down on SEX SCANDALS, aided by a very embittered Malcolm Turnbull.
In truth, there is no one, uniform ‘workplace culture’ in Parliament House, Canberra. There are hundreds.
Just as every MP is different, every political office is different. Some are excellent places to work, collegiate, cooperative and safe for the staff at all times.
You wouldn’t know that from reading the media pile-on over the past 6 weeks.
The problem is the MPs, mainly the power-consumed factional bosses, who have allowed things to get out of control.
This is not a ‘cultural problem’ but a problem specific to the politicians responsible for the scandals themselves. Like the gay orgies that the insightful and intelligent Peta Credlin has outed on her Sky News program.
For many years, these MPs (known as the Gay Mafia) have functioned outside of party boundaries by putting their sexuality first and the public interest a long last. Their politics is always about them.
It’s about time they were brought to account for their selfishness and self-indulgences at taxpayers’ expense. They claim to be ‘progressive’ but doing your parliamentary job in a way that is solely about yourself is as regressive as it gets.
The problem in Canberra, as an artificial city and centre of government, is that people practice politics 24/7.
At a State level, most MPs go home at night, to see their families, to hug their loved ones, to talk to their friends, to reconnect with a normal life. It’s not perfect but much better than Federal politics.
In Canberra they sit around cafes and restaurants all night, plotting against each other. This has created a toxic environment that spills over into a range of workplace problems.
The rumour mill runs hot, so it is wise to be cautious about the claims and ‘reporting’ that comes out of the Canberra press gallery.
Some of the vicious, deranged, destructive types (yes, including women) working as ‘journalists’ are a disgrace to their profession and politics itself. Invariably, those lecturing the hardest at the moment are the biggest hypocrites.
None of this is new. It’s explained and predicted in The Latham Diaries published 15 years ago.
The difference today lies in the way sex has been weaponised to get at Scott Morrison.
In practice, for a range of reasons, none of the allegations aired in Canberra will result in criminal convictions. History will record their lasting significance as being about power and party politics, and little else.
The problem for Morrison is that he has walked into the Leftist trap and conceded ground to them, thereby legitimising the campaign against him.
Let’s call it Eddie McGuire Syndrome: Where someone with mainstream values welcomes the rabid woke activists into his life and says he’s happy to be judged by their standards. It’s only a matter of time before they cut him down, at a time of their choosing.
These people are insatiable for power and social control, and will use and manipulate any issue to secure it.
Surrendering to them on any front is a huge mistake. But that’s what Morrison has done. By instinct, Morrison is an appeaser, someone who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last.
The Prime Minister is now talking about ‘unconscious bias’ against women – a weird, unproven theory that’s the equivalent of a Medieval superstition. He has sent one of his MPs on a ‘re-education course’, in the style of Orwell’s 1984.
He has surrendered the available evidence and the strength of mainstream commonsense to the Left. As an effective force fighting for our civilisational values, Morrison is finished.
RIP Sco-Mo.