Radio interview with Tom Elliot on 3AW

Read this article from the Australian, 14 November 2015

Bettina Arndt – Men are victims of DV too!

  • maninavulnerableposition says:

    I am a student of University of New South Wales. I am doing a university subject about the victimization of men in domestic violence cases due to gender stereotyping and biases. And my campaign aims to increase the awareness of the problem. The most important task at this stage is to highlight the victimization of males in domestic violence case. Due to the fact that the public knows very little about the fact, raising public awareness through public education is of great necessity. It was shocking, and I haven’t noticed this problem before. I have seen your website, and I think we are focused on the similar thing. I am writing you to invite you to help me improve this social issue together. Currently, is already actively and effectively spreading its campaign message to raise public awareness. We can essentially contribute to the campaign by actively sharing its contents on social media and posting the link to its website as well as publish the personal stories collected by to increase the frequency, reach, spread and penetration of the message to increase the public awareness, especially among the younger generation.

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