Child-Support Payments and Parental Alienation

15th August 2019 Comments (1) Quadrant Augusto Zimmermann Parental alienation can devastate the relationship between parents and children. It can be a central issue in child custody disputes. There is, however, an apparent link between the child support scheme and malicious attempts by some custodial parents to completely eradicate the relationship between the child and the other […]

‘How is this still happening?’: Family of man who took his own life over incorrect debt speaks out

By Emily McPherson 10:00am Aug 6, 2019 The family of a Melbourne dad who took his own life a day after he was given an incorrect child support debt notice has called for the government’s controversial robo-debt system to be scrapped. Anthony Searl, 38, was a charismatic TV cameraman who worked for Nine. He suicided […]