The Worst Thing A Woman Can Do In Divorce Proceedings – The Abuse Of Orders of Protection

An article from the Huffinton Post – USA – same system applies in Australia! Orders of Protection are critical to the safety of many. Some people claim that they are simply pieces of paper that mean nothing… By Liz Mandarano Family and Matrimonial Lawyer 04/13/2011 07:18pm EDT | Updated June 13, 2011 This post was published […]

Take kids off cheats and liars – Family Law shakeup

No doubt about it – Prof Augusto Zimmermann is one brave man! Just wait for the torrent of abuse and the attempts to dislodge him from his academic position. Let’s give him all the support we can! Of course, they are misinterpreting what he is saying. I do not believe he is saying return to […]