’10 days from death’: Male domestic abuse survivor describes horrific ordeal as former girlfriend is jailed

Tom Embury-Dennis 5 days ago © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited  A male survivor of domestic violence said he was “10 days away from death” after he was repeatedly physically and psychologically abused by his girlfriend.Alex Skeel was battered, stabbed, burned, denied food, forced to sleep on the floor and kept away […]

Why won’t we admit it: women commit domestic violence too

Michael Bird, Spectator - Australia

Michael Bird Michael Bird 19 February 2019Mccann Males are generally the perpetrators of domestic and sexual violence and women are generally the victims of domestic and sexual violence. However, we need to remember that “generally” does not mean “exclusively”. According to statistics, women are perpetrators of 25 per cent of domestic violence against men and […]