Don’t assume kids are cool with divorce … it can hurt like hell, for decades

Caroline Overington - The Australian

Author and sketch writer James Jeffrey with his father Ian Picture: James Jeffrey Who remembers all those kids whose parents got divorced in the late 1970s or early 80s? Remember how resilient they were going to be? How divorce wasn’t ideal, but the kids would be OK because surely it was better for them to […]

Stephen Baskerville interview with Geopolitika – Agenda of Sexual Radicals and Civil Servants

Daily Caller: “Revisiting the Fatherhood Crisis” It appears that fatherhood and the crisis of fatherlessness is back in the news (though sad that it required Nicholas Cruz to reawaken us). But when we last went through this, in the 1990s, our leaders addressed it very dishonestly, with expensive but pointless social programs rather than confronting […]