Riot Squad needed to protect Bettina Arndt at Sydney Uni

From: Bettina Arndt [] Sent: Monday, 17 September 2018 7:33 PM Subject: Riot squad called in to protect me and my audience at Sydney University.   Hi Everyone,  What a thrilling, exhausting time we have had in the past few weeks. My Fake Rape Crisis Campus Tour went off with a huge bang.   We’ve […]

Boys won’t be boys

Vanessa de Largie, The Spectator Australia

In the Oxford dictionary, the word ‘erasure’ is defined as: The act of removing or destroying something. (Synonyms of erasure include deletion, rubbing out, wiping off or wiping out). We hear about black erasure, bi erasure, trans erasure and female erasure. Yet we don’t hear about the erasure of men. The mere suggestion of ‘male […]