Fathers being “McIntoshed” again

The new proposals for the family court system, designed by Jennifer McIntosh and Claire Ralfe from Relationships Australia will have a devastating affect on shared parenting, especially for children 5 years  and under. Jennifer McIntosh was instrumental in developing her very limited research suggesting children under 4 needed a primary attachment to one parent, usually the […]

Imprisoned for false accusation of rape

Thanks to familylawexpress for publishing this article : http://www.familylawexpress.com.au/family-law-news/familyviolence/falseallegations/imprisoned-for-false-accusation-of-rape/2883/ Published: March 31st, 2015 | Written By:  Tracy Chen After 10 months in custody for a sexual assault that never occurred, Stephen Black, 46, sued the police for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution last November, 2014. Miscarriage of justice is now a real danger, in a […]