When Men Are the Victims of Domestic Violence

Robin L Barton

https://thecrimereport.org/2018/06/27/when-men-are-the-victims-of-domestic-violence/#             Photo by mrhayata via Flickr On February 25, the actress Heather Locklear was involved in a domestic violence incident. Sadly, such incidents are not uncommon. What makes this case unusual—aside from Locklear’s celebrity—is that she was the attacker, not the victim. The person she allegedly attacked was her […]

One man killed Eurydice but all are held to account

Claire Lehmann, The Australian

Facts take second place to emotion once the blame game begins Thousands gather at the Melbourne vigil for Eurydice Dixon. Picture: Getty Images Claire Lehmann The Australian It has been little more than a week since a young Melbourne woman, Eurydice Dixon, had her life cut short by young man who allegedly raped and murdered […]