Parental Alienation: The Psychology of Fractured Parent–Child Relationships

  Home  About     All Articles   Write for us    Contact Us   Donate By Richard A. Warshak | March 2022  SHARE ARTICLE VIA:     Parental alienation occurs when a child rejects a parent without good cause, usually under the influence of the other parent. Child Development Research, Insights, and Science Briefs to Your Inbox   Have your […]

How we raise our children

MARCH 25, 2022 How We Raise Our Children, and What They Become Robert Franklin   “Anxiety and aggressiveness.”  As I showed last time, those were the two words various researchers used time and again to describe the effects of heightened levels of cortisol brought on by extended time in daycare for very young children.  (See here, here and here.)  Importantly, […]