The demonisation of men – Mark Latham

Spectator Australia Latham’s law Mark Latham Much of the current political campaign about women is actually an expression of Left-feminist hatred of men. In truth, 99 per cent of men are protectors of women. We see this in natural disasters when man after man puts the safety of his wife and children first. Husbands and […]

‘Why would you sue?’: If you’re being hexed by an ex – or three – don’t turn to the law for help

National Courts OPINION Jenna Price Columnist and academic April 6, 2021 — 5.30am Sydney Morning Herald After months of misery, Australian women had a little laugh at the law’s expense last week. Banking IT consultant Constantine Arvanitis is suing one of three former girlfriends, Selina Holder, for defamation. The three exes “allegedly banded together to send […]