Gold Coast mother Maree Crabtree faces court accused of killing children by drugging them for financial gain

By Talissa Siganto Posted 3 days ago, updated 3 days ago (16Mar2021) ABC News It is alleged Maree Crabtree used the deaths of her children to claim insurance payouts.(Flipagram: Maree Crabtree A Gold Coast woman accused of killing two of her children and forcing them to take prescription medications for several years for financial gain told “a lot of lies”, was “very controlling” and […]

There is no war against men…Really?

Thank you Mick for putting into words what many of us know. If only the rest of society would realise the war being waged against men, the family and children is fracturing our society. The untruths that are told target men as being the perpetrators of all that is repugnant, with no mention that women […]