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As there are a grand total of zero threads and comments in this very important forum. It would seem there are no members willing to give or share their experiences, stories or opinions. Perhaps its too traumatic? Perhaps after the event one does not have time to come back and reflect? Perhaps i am the only member? I would encourage any and all of you to contribute to these forums. Together we are much stronger in our ability to face the discrimination of the Australian legal system. Its OK to stand up for mens rights. Mens rights are really just everyones rights being applied evenly. I dont know a single man, ever, who wants extra rights just men who want rights and laws applied to both sexes evenly and fairly. Please join in, your story is valuable to someone. You are valuable.

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I only joined in December 2023 and was invited  to an email group. While this is a good discussion group where men share their stories, you end up getting a lot more emails everyday with everyone's discussion. I don't really need anymore emails every day so I would prefer it was put on this forum or some other type of chat room. I have had to unsubscribe from the group as I just don't have time to read all the emails that come through.



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I absolutely agree with the need for more people speaking out, here if no where else.

I have only just found this site and will put my situation up on the site soon.

If my case is any indication (Family Court of WA), the first thing the magistrates do is set an injunction that neither party is allowed to discuss the allegations made with anyone. The respondent in this case has breached that repeatedly so i will be requesting that order be dismissed in the coming weeks.

Even though the respondent isnt obeying the orders and is getting away with it, i am under no illusion that that free pass in any way translates to me. I think a lot of men realize this pretty quickly and legal aid funded lawyers (in my experience) arent prepared to fight too hard for what they feel is minimum wage - leaving the orders in place and the accused silent while the accuser is allowed to shout their lies from the roof tops.

(This should be obvious but just in case; I am not implying that every accuser is lying, nor every accused is innocent. The above is just my personal situation in general terms.)


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