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Hi all, I have had some very bad experiences with our court systems that have left me with no confidence in our judicial system.  Here's a quick run-through. Many years ago I was with a woman who was in Australian terms " Bats#$t crazy' my youngest son at the time was heading down a bad path,and his crazy mother just let him do as he please. I was the only person that would actively try and keep our kids on an honest path,only to be attacked and put down by my partner am 2 boys because they didn't want to be told NO! Well here's some things that I still can't believe happened. 

* I had an argument with crazy and left fir a few hours,I got home bout midnight and quietly layer on the couch to get some sleep, knowing crazy was still up pacing the house. Then WACK, I felt something hit my head and woke up to her screaming to my eldest son that I'm leaving them. I got up and tried to calm and quiet her down so she didn't wake the kids. Well my eldest got up (12 at the time) and must have rang the cops. She was still storming around screaming at me when I noticed my youngest, hysterical . I couldn't stand seeing him like this so I quickly went to him,only to have her, still screaming at me try and block my path. I hardly touched her as I pushed her gently aside to get to my hysterical son. I grabbed him and took him to his room and was cuddling him and calming him down,all while she was still carrying on, not even caring her son was so upset. About 5 minutes later I hear  " Excuse me mate, you need to come out here for a chat" the police were there. Well after chatting briefly with the male cop he went and chatted with his partner, a woman then came back in and asked if I'd hit my partner. WTF I said,absolutely not, oh he said because she is filing a Voilence against women form,  and I WAS REMOVED FROM MY HOME.

* MY youngest was getting into some serious trouble and I was going to try and stop this. One day I spent half the day,getting him to school only to have him throw rocks,smash my things and run off. Later that day when crazy got home he also got home on his bike. As she walked in I said to her "this has got to stop,our son is heading down a bad path and I wasn't going to sit around and watch it happen.  She told me  to just leave him alone as he walked in, shouted abuse at me. I turned to him and told him he wants to live here he lives by some rules.  Well,he was 16 at the time,didn't like that I told him he will not just do as he pleases. He then attacked me,caught me off guard and we wrestled around, he was trying to hit me,I was trying to calm him down. I eventually gained control and was just saying "Calm down mate. 10 minutes later I was walking out to go to footy training and was welcomed by 2 cop cars and a divvy van. What pursued was a joke. I WAS HANDCUFFED AND ARRESTED,  HAD AN AVO PUT ON MEAND COULDN'T GO THE THE HOME I BUILT,PAY FOR. Well going to court I was told I attacked me partner and son,all lies! After having an avo for 2 years placed on me I then received another summons to go to court, this was an assault charge, I was being charged by the police for assault of my son on that day!  After 000s of dollars later , missed work days I proved I did nothing wrong. Well this was funny for the cow prosecutor who all along told me I was guilty and when the judge asked her why I was here they all just laughed and said well we need to charge him with something ,so because the day it all happened, as my son was throwing rocks through my windows I said to him " Mate if I catch you I'll kick your arse" so I was charged with making a threat in a public place! 

* I have been arrested for bullshit lies by a female 4 times

* After 20 years of abuse from my ex I was aware of red flags. I meet a girl and unfortunately she was similar, I rang the cops one day and asked them to please remove her from MY HOME. They laughed at me and told me to call 000. Months later I was at  witts end, upset and angry after this new girl and her lazy adult kids seemed to have taken over my home leaving my walking on egg shells. I rang 000 and had to plead with them to remove these abusive people from my home. I then went home,10 minutes later I calmed down and rang 000 again and told them I'm so sorry but please cancel the call out because I was just upset and didn't want to be just like all the entitled females out there.  I went out for the night just to let things settle, when I got home the next day I was told the police had been, 4 hours after I cancelled the call out. Well 2  days later a knock at my door, the police to SERVE ME WITH AN AVO! HOW THE FUCK CAN THIS HAPPEN?

I Have seen this way to many times, I was mentally, emotionally abused for 20 years which I just kept pushing forward. I was was faulsly accused and payed out thousands to prove I did nothing wrong, yet not once did any of these women get charged, or made accountable for their lies. The Victorian police are gender biased and until men say " Stuff this we won't put up with this anymore " blokes will be put in jail when all along its the woman who are the aggressors. I've always said, if these cases were heard only as a story, no gender revealed as to who's part is by a female and who's part is male they would have to build a new jail,For females because they use their gender to lie,discriminate, alienated there kids from there dads,poison the kids mind. 

Blokes it's time for a change,did you know more men die from prostate cancer than women die from breastfeeding cancer yet we don't even get ad yet massive fund-raisers. They want equality Well let's give them that,and make them accountable and punish the lies and false allegations. 


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