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Family Violence and control

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Very new to this forum, and am hoping to gain some idea on how to address a particular issue.  I have been separated now for 10 months and have yet to proceed to property settlement.  Both parties have submitted all documents, financials etc now awaiting mediation, but in the interim, the family home in which I reside which is in a joint mortgage, and like everyone I am seeking a better deal through my lender.  They have given me a document in which renegotiates the interest rate down by nearly 3% and sent the document to the other sides lawyer, to which she has refused to sign on the basis it is her wish to sell the property.  I do have the capacity to buy it out but clearly awaiting settlement for a figure in which we agree on.  To me this is a heinous act in which only serves to push me out of the house, thoughts??

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*I am not a lawyer

3 weeks late to the site but just a thought, if the other side is just wanting to liquidate everything and part ways - would it be worth trying to send an offer to buy out her share of the house so you can keep the home and get the interest rate without needing her cooperation?

If the other party is being difficult as a tactic it might not help and obviously theres a lot to your situation I just dont know. But if nothing else offering to buy them out might call their bluff to expose their motivations to the court. If you're offering to buy them out for a fair amount and they refuse it then it will make their side seem vindictive. As just wanting you to lose a house rather than trying to secure a fair split. If that makes sense.


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