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NSW Education Dep Breaks Court Orders

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I have sole parental responsibility now. 1 boy 8 yrs old. I enrolled him in a school for kindergarten while the respondent in family court. I had issues within a fortnight with his teacher that went on for months. I complained to the principle about 6 months in. Thats when my problems really started. It was some time before it came to light that another parent unknown to me was a back channel to my ex. When this was discovered the priciple tried to label this situation as a "family connection". I had moved in secret to this tiny town and knew noone there prior. It was through the school that my unhinged ex found us and started a harrassment campain to discredit me as a parent and label me as a sexual predator and abuser. I had strangers abusing me over this. It was hard to deal with. It was clear to me remaining was totally untenable in this situation after the principle told me she was communicating with my ex by phone. She later denied this when confronted. Court orders stated my ex could not approach the school. With family court running I had to remove my child from the school and put him in one 40 km away. I had to inform the court and in particular the INDEPENDANT CHILDRENS LAWYER through out so many interactions with the school that it blew out my legal costs considerably. When I removed my son and started to make complaints the principle in retaliation sent the police and Facs. The Independant Childrens Lawyer was a bit put out by this as was I. The school phone records were subpeonaed and the records apparently show the contact despite court orders. The police ignored my requests for help throughout this. My Ex took it to the day of the trial and just did not show up. The judge gave me an ex parte judgement as sole parental responsibibilty. The ex was never made to answer for the harrasment and the principle teacher and the other parent go unexamined. The education department is now ignoring my complaints. The impacts on me have been huge. Im holding it together but this is wrong.This was so stressful that when my son came down with epilepsy I couldn't cope and ended up in hospital. The NSW Education department is so politicized and individuals within it are apparently imune to prosecution. It is a dissapointment.


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